Universal Labyrinth, orignally called Project Eclipse, is a puzzle/RPG game created by XPT. It is basically a 13-world game in whioch the player must complete a set of mazes to complete the world, also with a boss for each world. It takes place in the year 2957.


The hero, Radius, wakes up in a cold igloo-like structure. He wakes up to find an anonymous note taped to the door of the structure that reads:

"You have been knocked out for 850 years. The Earth has been taken by two elemental forces: fire and ice. Find your way to the final sector of the universe to reverse the damage done to the universe and turn back time."

However, over the course of the 850 years that Radius was knocked out, he didn't realize that he had become a sphere-like creature. As the game progresses, Radius learns that he tried to fight against the powers that took over the universe as another person, and a transfer of minds had taken place over the course of his blackout. What the antagonists didn't know, however, is that his mind was transfered to a more powerful being with PSI powers, similar to those used in Earthbound. As he nears the center of the universe, he destroys the main antagonist, and he believes he has finally cleared the universe of all problems.

Final battle sequenceEdit

The final battle sequence is different than most games. When Radius meets the final boss, Time, he realizes that Time has succumbed to the other bosses demands and has been brainwashed. Time has now forgotten how to operate, therefore, beginning the collapse of the space-time rift. After depleting Time's HP, Radius then uses a rip in Time itself to go back 850 years, knock his old self unconscious, knowning that he would be too weak to fight off the main antagonist, and also knowing that he would be more powerful. Now, Radius has to fight all ten antagonists again in order to destroy the universe in which Time destroys everything. The antagonists, weaker than they were when Radius battled them the first time, are destroyed and Radius must battle Time to corrupt itself to match all previous events so that he dosen't die. After beating Time, it decides to align all events, and everything becomes normal.


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