The Destruction of Deron at My Local Walgreen’s Rollercoaster Center in Puerto Rico is a short story written by XPT, based off of Epic Story Time!!!. XPT wrote this when he was fighting with FirestrikeZeppelin.

The Destruction of Deron at My Local Walgreen’s Rollercoaster Center in Puerto RicoEdit

Suddenly, after the black hole died 5 picoseconds ago, Derek got mad at a “James Bond” planet and tried to destroy it but ended up exploding because Steven filled his airship with radioactive helium. Steven laughed but ran out of air in his body and so he died. He then turned into gamma rays and reincarnated the brain of Preston, but it was mentally challenged because half of it blew up. Derek was reincarnated, and then ate the brain of Preston and then the brain told him to eat. So he ate vacuums in space, but he couldn’t so he died again. Thrice. Meanwhile, Spencer was gaining more knowledge about Derek’s “USR” and how it compared to Nazi Germany. Of course, since the USR was the only rebel group still alive Spencer decided to send a fleet of Evil Hamburger Men that Preston made when he was 9.1 years old. They ate 50.00000007% of the USR’s fleets but afterwards they blew up and Steven, Derek, and Andrew were reincarnated. Andrew didn’t do anything, because he was too awesome to do anything for anyone. Derek however, tried to eat one of the Evil Hamburger Men because his Preston brain told him to, but then he decided to “go on a diet”. Nick Y. then became the “Regret” and died from not listening to Spencer’s dubstep, therefore, killing Derek (again!). The Derazuma Planet System was destroyed because Steven said they had a bad french fry education because Derek was being a clone trooper. Steven told Spencer to die, but then he died instead. Spencer deactivated the reincarnation system, so Derek and Steven could not reincarnate. Spencer now had the universe to himself. But then…99999.9 days later, Preston forgot to eat his chicken nugget candy canes so he flipped the reincarnation system switch to on. Derek then jammed the reincarnation system switch with JOJ-syrup-caramel-stuff and then enjoyed himself on SkyRush at Hersheypark. But the rollercoaster died, and Derek flew off it in a mass explosion of evergreen trees. Meanwhile, in a room inside another room, Spencer was watching his cat spaz out because it was high on highness. But, because the cat was actually spazing out on a chemical known as sodium ethyl xanthate, also known as SEX. Derek, came crashing into Spencer's room in his 123456789-floor house on the 9001nd floor, just in time for another story...which will never happen, because I'm too lazy. Derek, you suck. Trololol.